Conscious Awareness Breathe Peace And Healing Through Meditation

By   November 3, 2015

When I was in my early twenty years old, one night attended a party with a friend and her boyfriend. He got drunk, in the case of really drunk! During the ride home from the party, she struggled to keep her down on the stomach contents. It was really bad. She moaned and thanked about how I felt her stomach and threatened hosted at any time. Do it, but!

Later, she thanked me for helping her go through the ordeal in an attempt to avoid vomiting. Well, what do I do that was so darn amazing that prevents a young woman who rarely drank because the extremely violent?

I told him to breathe. It was something I learned from the time that it was not feeling well myself. It was the last thing I wanted to experience that the food before drinking and treatment of abnormal flows from my stomach against the law of gravity.

I remember when I felt I had the experience nausea. It was during this experience that I happened to come across the concept of deep breathing. I imagine that was the feeling of discomfort that made me take a deep breath, which allowed me to experience relief from nausea. Being annoyed because I was sick to the stomach and uncomfortable huge deficit, and took a deep breath just to exhale my frustration. I mean, who wants to throw anyway? It is the reaction of the autonomic reflex that something very violent body rejects. Not the kind of thing most people see it as an enjoyable experience. To this day, I do everything I can to avoid it at any cost.

I think that the value found in this awareness bump on the body a little bit, and gave it to my friend that night, when she was in need. The great thing is that it is not only for her work, but she gave it a try. What you have to lose except, of course, her bile in the stomach?

Is there something about the disorder that causes the body to relax and breathe. I’m not a physiologist However, I know a thing or two about body functions. Basically what happens when you inhale, the diaphragm (the dome of the big muscles in the lower part of the chest) moves further relaxes the lower chest cavity. When we exhale, the opposite happens. Resulting in higher diaphragm in the upper chest cavity pushing air out of the lungs decades.

Our stomachs find relief from the other organs and muscles whenever pressure breathing deeply into our stomachs. And sometimes it referred to in the abdominal breathing. I release the air from the stomach to the chest up and out, and all the work the abdominal muscles relax while pushing up the diaphragm contracts lungs. Diaphragmatic breathing provides more space for the stomach to rest in a relaxed state for a moment. Exhalation, the stomach needs more time to relax. Any person suffering from abdominal pressure disgusting in their area, and this can be welcome.

Breathing relaxes the body. Most people do not breathe deeply enough. The main reason for this is to be aware of to a large extent what you’re doing in our bodies all the time. Breathing is independent work means there is no need to think about breathing. Thank God! Imagine if we had to think about before all the same, in order to sustain life.